All The Pieces

by mister

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The edge of darkness is the breath taking beautiful of bewildering perspectives.


released May 11, 2017

produced by Adam Stamper



all rights reserved


mister Alexandria, Virginia

Mister's sonic signature hinges on experimentation and forward thinking. His music ranges from quirky nostalgia to dark melancholy and anything between or beyond. The tones and timbres of mister's work originate from a variety of sources including circuit bending, analog synthesis, found sounds, acoustic instrumentation, digital processing, software instruments and more. ... more

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Track Name: The Few
A few lived in the forest
But you worked by the sea
The view was quite astounding
We knew just how to move

And the worlds gone back to the wolves tonight
How did we get this
In the woods we fought but the world was bought
How did we get this
Track Name: All The Pieces
If there is rhythm in the things
that had forgot us, they forgot us
And all that followed was faith
If we think we can kill the thing
that begot us, then begot us
Because all that follows is faith

As all pieces fall apart we start to think about it
The more you get the more you take
from all who want to take too
The Mother Earth don't really care about us

When there is rhythm in all the things
that forgot us, we'll forget this
When we all follow her breath
She stands with this world in one hand
within her pocket, and she'll forget us
We are hushed in one breath
Track Name: Blasphemy Devoured
The looseness of light
keeps my mind sharp at night
as the spoken spells have won
The tightness of time
is a problem of mine
it's a gift, it's the world

And perfectly our power is our problem
It's a stain on the face of child
And worthless but wanted we welcome the buzz
All the business and bills to be filed
Track Name: Do Not Feed A Blur
Do not feed a blur
The words I cater, I cannot slur
It's what makes you
That breaks you
I cannot believe it's new years eve
One hour before
With lots of people at their end

They flow in words, your fingers
Into the bone, your consumed, we presumed
It went just the way that you wanted
A short time the sand grind closes the door
Track Name: Probably
Only if I hope. Only if I hope. Only if I hope.

If we see, too clearly, all through this, the day
When clouded, unseemly, it's all for, today